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The Carluccio Company from several generations deals with the processing and the trade of the wholesale of Lemons (IGP- Amalfi Coast Lemon and Italian origin) on the Italian market. It aims at the construction and consolidation of business relations with customers and distributors, making its mark on the same expertise and, not least, on mutual trust. It has always seriousness and passion in the process of control of the best lemons; its professionalism and dedication ensure a greater quality. The production workshop is located in Furore, a small town on the Amalfi Coast, famous throughout the world for the classic "Sfusato Amalfi lemon". Structured in large rooms, it incorporates standards of quality and traceability, (Certification Agribusiness IS.ME.CERT) and provides year-round, thanks to our business relationship directly with the best companies in the industry and with the owners of small terraced lands, a product selected and controlled at all stages of processing. In addition, the company is able to satisfy the various demands of clients (from the large distribution to the retail consumers) by using the best packaging for their products.

+39 338 81 30 777

Via Li Summonti 10/12 - 84010 - FURORE (Salerno)


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