F Furore, painted village

Furore, painted village From Amalfi, leaving the highway 366 that leads to Agerola, seven kilometers from the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, between bends that open in the valley in which it is virtually surrounded, on a slope intensely cultivated with vines, olive and lemon trees, you get to Furore. Furore, "the town that there isn't", is clinged to the sides of the Lattari Mountains, sloping down to the sea. Its ancient name Earth Furore derives from the particular fury of the waves that beat on high cliffs of the Fjord, especially on stormy nights. Its fjord represented in ancient times a natural harbor - but only in times of calm sea - where was developed intensive trade and became the seat of active paper mills and mills, fed by the waters of the stream Schiato. Its hilltop location offers breathtaking panoramic views. Especially attractive is the so-called open-air gallery, consisting of more than one hundred paintings (murals) and sculptures created by artists from around the world and that has turned Furore in a 'painted village'. Tourism development is well advanced and pointing to the strategy of 'country hotel', with widespread hospitality, which values all the available resources: environment, gastronomy, art, craft, and culture. An ideal destination for educated and aware tourists.

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