• history

    Scientific studies show the particularity of the Amalfi Coast’s Lemon. The first scientific description of Sfusato Amalfitano Lemon …

  • Furore, painted village

    From Amalfi, leaving the highway 366 that leads to Agerola, seven kilometers from the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, between bends that open in the valley in which it is virtually surrounded …

  • The Lemon

    The lemon “Sfusato” of Amalfi has always played an important role in the culinary preparation of cakes and ice creams: its aroma is the master’s touch in many Mediterranean dishes. …

C.L.Amalfi Coast Lemon

Lovely, rich in vitamin C

+39 338 81 30 777

Via Li Summonti 10/12 - 84010 - FURORE (Salerno)


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